This page was created as a shopfront for my custom made paintings, prints and gifts. It also serves as an avenue for work that doesn't fit on my portfolio site. As a creative, I use a variety of methods and styles, you will find the more abstract and conceptual results here.

While some prints will be available, if you are looking for more information on my illustration or animation work, please visit bleupencil.net.


I've studied and work in the fields of animation and illustration, but also I enjoy expressing myself in less structured ways. My signature style employs varied use of texture, colour and character that expresses and evokes emotion. I love to experiment, working in acrylics, ink, and mixed media, using multiple techniques and layers within my paintings.

My paintings are a reflection of my inner landscape, drawing inspiration from my love of nature, creatures and personalities. It celebrates individual passions, our journey of self actualisation and the beauty and wonder of the natural world.